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Virtual Tutor Support Services is a tutoring resource. Providing its services to students in need of improving their academics and helping non natives learn and improve their English.

Exciting news!

Virtual Tutor Support Services, established 3 years ago by Cedric Petersen is evolving to better serve your educational needs. While we remain deeply grateful for your continued support and the recent 2023 Education and Training Award, we’re thrilled to announce a renewed focus on tutoring services. We will still retain the same name; however, the focus will now be on Tutoring support services.

Lleyton Petersen will have ownership and operational oversight and will be assisting new Clients with their English and Maths needs, or any other subject, as required.

Welcome aboard, Abby Verhaelst, our newest tutor! Her skills and dedication further strengthen our team’s ability to serve you effectively.

Join us on this exciting new journey! Whether you’re looking to ace an exam, brush up on your skills, improve your confidence with speaking/learning the English Language or simply unlock your full learning potential, Virtual Tutor Support Services is here to guide you every step of the way.

P.S. Don’t forget to share this exciting news with your friends and family who could benefit from our tutoring services!

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Lleyton Petersen

Lleyton possesses valuable experience in providing English language tutoring services to individuals of diverse age groups and proficiency levels, ranging from novice A1 learners to advanced C level students. In addition, he has helped learners prepare and succeed in the IELTS examination, if it aligns with their learning objectives.
Prior to his English language tutoring career, he worked alongside representatives to market and sell life cover and related products on a casual/job shadowing basis. This role provided him with an opportunity to interact with clients from diverse backgrounds and age groups and develop the essential skill of building a strong rapport with them.

“It brings me joy when I can help and assist students in reaching their learning goals, such as broadening their English vocabulary, practicing conversational skills, improving their overall confidence in speaking the language, and customizing lessons to their specific needs.” – Lleyton Petersen

Abby Verhaelst

Meet Abby, a dedicated tutor with a passion for imparting knowledge and ensuring her students’ success. Graduating with distinction in Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Business Management and Human Resource Management, Abby possesses the ability to communicate complex information in a way that students easily comprehend.

Abby compiles student reports and diligently tracks their progress. Her commitment to education goes beyond the classroom; she gives her all, ensuring her students receive the support they need. Specializing in Mathematics, Economics, English, and Afrikaans, Abby aids students in their transition from primary to high school mathematics, making daunting subjects more approachable from the very first tutor session.

Abby’s tutoring journey has not only contributed to her students’ academic advancement but has also deepened her care and investment in their education. She goes beyond teaching, providing personalized study methods tailored to each student. With her ability to simplify lesson plans in alignment with specific curriculum objectives, Abby is poised to make an immediate and noticeable impact on your institution’s educational standards.

Awards Recieved

We are delighted to announce that Virtual Tutor Support Services has won an Education and Training Award for the Best Training Resource Support Consultancy 2023 – South Africa.

This demonstrates our ongoing commitment to Organizations and their people, in providing excellence in learning and skills development.

For more information on this Award Category, please click here.


ESL (English as a Second Language) classes – We help non-native speakers of all levels learn vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar of spoken and written English. We provide a complimentary placement test to determine the ideal starting level for you. This test ensures that you begin your learning journey at the appropriate level, tailored to your proficiency and learning goals.

For information about our English Classes and pricing options, download PDF below.

Tutor Support Services

Sharper Focus: We’re laser-focused on providing top-notch tutoring in English, Maths, and other subjects you need.

Personalized Learning: We create customized learning plans to fit your unique needs and learning style. Flexible Scheduling: Learn at your own pace, with sessions that fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.

Dedicated Tutors: Our passionate tutors are dedicated to your success. Proven Results: We’ve helped countless students achieve their academic goals, and we’re confident we can do the same for you!

Contact us today to learn more and start your personalized learning journey!

Previous Services Offered

(no longer in practice)

Facilitation – We assist in facilitating non-credit bearing and credit bearing courses  falling within our scope.

Assessment – Our experience in assessment practices,  affords us the opportunity to provide guidance and support to learners, to achieve competency in a particular learning programme.

Moderation – Acting as an external Moderator we moderate Assessor work and provide them with meaningful feedback as part of their continuous development.

Skills Development/Needs analysis & planning – With Skills Development planning being crucial to the success of an organisation, we assist in identifying, training programmes and providers, that will assist the Organisation to upskill their workforce and linking this to their Workplace Skills Plan.

Guidance & Support – We assist learners feeing anxious about completing a Portfolio of Evidence. We will unpack the specific outcomes and provide context.


Amira – “This experience was quite special. The material never failed to engage my attention. I liked how we got a chance to talk about our day in the beginning of each class, and I loved the variety of strategies that are used in each class. I’d surely love to get another chance to join such a wonderful course again!”

Naya – “Entering this course was very entertaining and beneficial for me. I really enjoyed learning new words and practicing conversation using several different methods. I really enjoyed the role-plays especially because I got to improvise many conversation topics. I’ve also loved the great variety of topics and how most of them are relatable. This course was very useful to improve my English. Thanks to my Tutor Lleyton”

Fahad – IELTS Student – “To begin with, the ILETS test is not only about how good you are in the English language, however you must learn the tips and the skills of it. I joined an English academy, and I was lucky to be with Mr. Lleyton Petersen. In the beginning it was not easy for me to focus 100% as I work/travel a lot. Sometimes taking classes during my work hours. Honestly, with Mr. Petersen my life became easier. We enjoyed having those classes and the secret in my opinion, was his way of teaching”.

Vera – “During my time as a student at the academy, I have been able to develop my English. I have come to believe that this experience will help me to develop into a better think as well. I enjoyed every lesson with classes I’ve taken. (Especially the role-plays)
I’d like to say I’m very grateful for all the effort, support and helping me learn this beautiful language over the past 6 months. Thank you.”



‘’I have co-facilitated with Cedric and found that he is highly professional, takes his work seriously and develops a great rapport with his learners. He has much experience in training and facilitating along with natural talent. By drawing on the learner’s experience that they bring to the learning environment, he can facilitate learning and build on what learners already know’’


“Cedric provides associate training services to SLS on an ongoing basis in both Leadership and Personal Development training. Both Clients and Learners love interacting with Cedric. A highly experienced and trusted learning partner. Thank you, Cedric, for your continued support. Terry Coxen, Managing Director, Successful Learning Solutions, United Kingdom.”


“Cedric has facilitated learners for us through our eLearning platform. He has also developed online videos, which we use in our course material.
He has an amazing rapport with our learners, engaging them in the webinar. Due to his extensive knowledge and easy manner, he earns their trust. We highly recommend his service.”

Jan Alexander


“Just a short note to thank you for the amazing work you are doing for our Igniters.

We have received very positive feedback from the Igniters and also from Dynamic Leadership.

We are happy to have you on board and we sincerely hope that we can have a long and fruitful relationship well into the future.”

Mike Barr
KW Dynamic | Operating Partner



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